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- jamesdoe -

b. ~1983

traveling without moving at 30,27 km/sec.

"JamesDoe" is the artistic alias of - name redacted - a visual artist based in Brighton, UK and primarily doing personal artwork.

I consider each one of my illustrations as an exploration which I execute under my artistic alias “JamesDoe”, a secret identity that I came up due to my long-term addiction to unhealthy doses of comic books, graphic novels, anime and sci-fi literature.

My processes are foremost inspired by comic book creators and illustrators. My tools of choice are watercolours, brushes, calligraphy and fountain pens, charcoal and pastels, while sometimes I experiment with acrylics and digital colouring on scanned black and white artwork.

Each piece of artwork is an experiment. An attempt to create a crystallized form of artistic exploration. These are mementos of ideas that momentarily possess me. Some pieces are full illustrations, while others are quick ones that I usually sketch while having my morning cup of coffee.